Race Day 2021 - Saturday 6th March


Race Day is based at Karapoti Park on Akatarawa Road in Upper Hutt. To find Karapoti Park...

>  Take State Highway 2 past Upper Hutt 
>  Approx 4km north of Upper Hutt city centre , approx 500m past Caltex Service Station, turn onto Akatarawa Rd
>  Follow
Akatarawa Road for approx 5km to Karapoti Park
>  Walk/ride into Karapoti Park where you'll find the main marquee, food, coffee and sponsor displays.

>  Massage is available post-race - $20 for 15min. Bring cash.
>  On race day there are various food, drink and sponsors retailing.

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Car Parking

There is no parking in Karapoti Park or on Karapoti Road. But we have arranged ample car parking in surrounding farm paddocks...

>  Officials will direct you to the closest car park area. Please obey officials
>  If forced to park on Akatarawa Road, park only on the west side (river side) of the road. Vehicles parked on the east side of the road will be towed
>  Do not park in any resident or farm entrance unless directed to do so by an official.

>  Please be patient. We have 1000+ vehicles to park while ensuring access for emergency and avoiding disruption to residents and normal traffic.

Race Day Timetable

9:30am Karapoti Park All Riders Must Attend! 
START - 50K CLASSIC Category No. Range No. Colour
NB:  All 50K riders start lined up along the eastern bank of the Akatarawa River. 
10:00am Elite-Expert Men 1-899 Black
10:05am Tandem, Uni, Single Speed, Retro, Cycle-X, Fat Bike 900's Green
10:10am Elite-Expert Women 1000's Pink
10:15am Weekend Warrior - 3:00 to 3:30hrs 2000's Red
10:20am Weekend Warrior - 3:30 to 4:00hrs 3000's Yellow
10:25am Weekend Warrior - 4:00hrs Onward 4000's Light Blue
START - 20K CHALLENGE Category No. Range  No. Colour
NB:  All 20K riders start lined up along the eastern bank of the Akatarawa River. 
10:40am All 20K Challenge Riders 5000's White
START - KIDS' 5K KLASSIC Category No. Range No. Colour
NB:  All Kids' 5K riders start on the far side of the Karapoti Rd bridge, lined up in school year groups.
10:50am Age 10 & 11 - Girls & Boys 6100's Orange
10:52am Age 9 - Girls & Boys 6900's Orange
10:54am Age 8 - Girls & Boys 6800's Orange
10:56am Age 7 - Girls & Boys 6700's Orange
10:58am Age 5 & 6 - Girls & Boys 6500's Orange
11:10am First Kids' Klassic Finisher Expected    
11:35am First 20K Finisher Expected    
12:15am First 50K Finisher Expected    
11:30am - 3:30pm Free Lunch, Expo, Entertainment, Special Competitions   
1:30pm Kids' Klassic Prize Giving    
3:30pm Karapoti Prize Giving    
4:30pm Help Organisers Clean Up ;-)    

Prize Pool

>  Every finisher wins a commemorative medal.
>  Every entrant competes for a $30,000 prize pool made up of cash and product.
>  Spot prizes will be awarded to every 20th rider across the finish line.
>  Novelty prizes will be awarded for Best Fancy Dress and Worst Luck - nominations to the Race Director prior to 3:30pm.
>  The Elite and Expert categories race together for overall honours among both men and women, with top-10 being awarded on-stage. Prize money is awarded to placings 1st to 5th and product from 6th to 10th.
>  A $1000 cash bonus will be paid if the overall winner among men and/or women break the overall race record.
>  The Expert categories will also have awards in their 10-year age groups, with placings 1st to 3rd being awarded product prizes.
>  The Weekend Warrior categories have product prizes for the fastest five men and women.
>  The Unicycle, Retro, Single Speed, Fat Bike, Cyclo-cross and Tandem categories will be awarded product prizes for 1st Place.
>  The Team categories will have product prizes awarded for 1st place in each team category. Teams must have three or more riders to count toward team results, which are calculated by combining the times of the fastest three riders in a team.


It is unlikely that Karapoti would be postponed or cancelled, but it has happened once. In the case of unseasonal flooding and/or gale force winds - or any natural disaster - the following contingencies are in place:

PostPonement:  This decision would be made by 8:00am Saturday and posted on www.karapoti.co.nz, our Karapoti Facebook Page and emailed to participants. If weather forecast for the next day is positive, the event would be postponed 24hrs to Sunday. 

Cancellation:      If forecast for Sunday is not positive, or if Sunday dawned no better, or if the course is deemed unsafe, the event may be cancelled. This decision would be made by 8:00am Sunday and posted on www.karapoti.co.nz, our Karapoti Facebook Page and emailed to participants.

Refunds Policy:  In the unlikely event of postponement or cancellation, entry fees are non-refundable. This has happened only once since 1986.